Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shows from the Spring

I should have posted these a while back, but thought on this lazy Saturday afternoon of mine it would be fun to catch up on my blog...

Fusion 2009
Art Show, Fashion Show, Concerts
raising money for the Minne Pearl Cancer Foundation

each artist got a booth in the show, it was a fun night and I met several artists who I have seen around town since then again, which is always good. I couldnt back up far enough to get a better picture than this.... haha. Goal- get better at photographing everything!

I had to donate a piece to be in the show, each of these had to start at $50 and bids went up in increments of $5. But I had 17 bids on mine and it ended up selling for $160 I think, people towards the end bid in larger increments.

Professors at MCA warned us about this dreaded word.... DONATE
and they were RIGHT!
very often people ask me to donate a piece for a good cause and they explain how great the exposure will be and how it will be so beneficial and give me more business in the long run... now im not saying this is impossible.... but so far, it has not been my experience.

so take the advice I was given by multiple professors.... BEWARE OF THE WORD DONATE
take your work very seriously and make sure that you only donate to causes that you truly are passionate about, believe in, and will feel great about donating to.
and even then... make sure that when you donate that you get to name the starting bid, and that you KNOW your work wont sell for less than you could sell it for yourself, because that would devalue how much you could sell your work for as a whole...

there was a fashion show and a run way and everything- I was so excited about this because I had never been to anything like it before. It was in The Cannery Ballroom and was such a cool venue!

okay, this show was SUCH a pleasant surprise. I saw the word "festival" in the title and thought...great. But a professional artist friend of mine in town had told me to look into it and that it would be a great show. So, I applied and one of my pieces got in! Mine is the one on the left above- it was a paper piece I did in school and had my dad build a panel for it so it looks like it floats off the wall. The woman in charge of the show said it was SO CLOSE to selling, but that the person just didn't come back a second time to get it!

when I went to drop off the painting (and Knoxville was way further than I thought...whew) and saw the other work... I felt so honored to just be included in the show in the first place, which is such a good feeling. It reminded me of the Works With Words Show I was in last year at the Library in Nashville. The show got great reviews and the gallery it was in was SO NICE.
this was the piece across from mine, all of the work was incredible! above: one of my favorite pieces from the show

I just found out last week I got into a show at one of the nicer galleries in downtown Nashville- I am so excited!! This is the piece that got in :

Be A Doll Estel Gallery

Show runs: June 4- July 25, 2009
Artist Reception: June 6, 2009 6pm-9pm

It is one of the galleries involved in the Gallery Crawl the first Friday of every month- I went last month and it was so much fun- some good friends of mine went with me. I think it was even more eventful than Memphis's Art Trolley Night!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interior Design for Journey

My church recently decided to do some minor renovations, one of them was a new sign in the front of the church. The Creative Arts Pastor, Drew, came up with the idea for this and I think it turned out great.

Originally it was just the iron cross sculpture but it blended in with the red brick and no one saw it. So he got this old wood from a salvage yard and created a wall behind it. And then had the Journey iron sculpture made to go with it. so... below is what you see right when you walk into the church, I had the idea for the design because of the movie High Fidelity... Lisa Bonnet's character in the movie divides her loft apartment with windows that are hooked together. I told the Creative Arts Pastor at the church about it and we got a team together to make it happen and get rid of the pipe and drape that divided the entryway of the church to the Gathering area. I am the "atmosphere design team leader" and this is the largest project I have done so far, mostly I am just in charge of fabric and candles and placement of everything on Sunday Mornings or for special events.

the next picture is the second part of the wall that is connected on the other side of the post. The church is in an old Factory and we wanted the new addition to the building to look old as well. this is the best shot I have so far of the entire wall we created with vintage doors and windows... I was so pleased with the way it turned out! It took several days and lots of help from men who were willing to get up on the lift and move around these old nasty heavy doors and windows to wherever I told them, but we got it done in 4 days or so and it turned out great!I will have to take one on a Sunday morning soon when the candles are all lit, it looks so gorgeous... well actually I have some pictures from our Good Friday service where the church was open all day for prayer, communion, and meditation.
we had hung the windows throughout the Gathering area at Christmas time

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colleen McCarron's Album Art: Love Is In The Details

Colleen McCarron
Love is In The Details

front cover
front cover with text so far...

inside left sleeve

inside left sleeve with text so far...

inside right sleeve

my thoughts in a rough sketch for the design that goes on the CD
back cover with text so far... song list to come

Colleen has been so sweet and I went to see her play a show at Frothy Monkey on 12 South the other night and had such a good time seeing her play live. I really love her music and can't wait for the album to come out! Go check her out on Myspace...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

for my mom

You may be wondering what I got my sweet Momma for Mother's Day?? I got her a necklace from my friend Tally's emerging jewelry business. You should go check it out!

Tallyanna Jewelry

she makes these really unique necklaces with antique broaches from peoples family heirlooms or that she has found herself at antique stores.... I think they are so gorgeous...

I got my mom one that is more like this necklace featured on her blog, except with mostly green instead of red because she LOVES green:

so thankful for Mothers

Mother's Day Commission 16" X 20" painting I finished last week

after I wrote the quote I didnt get a great picture of it, which always upsets me, you would think after so many paintings I would always allow time for photographing and get some type of routine down, but somehow I still forget sometimes and am in a rush. It says:

"her children arise and call her blessed. Proverbs 31: 28"

Below are the last three GIFT PAINTINGS that I did before mothers day... these were commissioned so the quotes were specified and colors picked according to the pieces they liked on my website that had already sold.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Days

Today I updated my ETSY SHOP with some of my GIFT paintings! before this it was just my Journals, so YAY! now my shop looks so much better!

My Etsy Name is JoyDeeannArt

I have sold 8 of my Graduation and Mother's Day paintings so far! YAY!

I have added the convenient PayPal button on my website on the GIFT PAINTING PAGE

and HORRAY for 25 followers!!! THAT MAKES ME SO EXCITED!! if you often visit my blog and have not become a follower yet, please do so to let me know you have stopped by!

and THREE CHEERS for finally finding a way to add a Hit Counter to my blog (thanks to my blog friend Jenna )

and last but not least I'M SO EXCITED because I sold the mirror that was at Philanthropy, the shop that sells my Journals and had a mirror displayed in downtown Franklin, TN on Main Street!!!

I have had several new commissions this month and lots of business, I feel so blessed and happy to be a full time artist!!!

AND THE 2009 WORKSHOP TOUR is in the works!!!!

please email me at if you are interested in me coming to your city on the tour!!!

all you have to do is get together some your friends (8-12 or so), find a person to host it in their home, office, or apartment where there is enough room to spread out on the floor and make a big mess on my dropcloth! It could be a 3 hour workshop and about $30-$40 a person.....

you could have a
sketchbook art journaling workshop
mixed media collage painting workshop

view more photos and workshop info on the CREATE page of my website
email me if your interested at

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mothers Day and Graduation $30 Paintings!

All paintings are 8" X 10" on Wood
ready to hang
scroll to the bottom for purchase information

Delight $30


Loveliness and Laughter Sunshine $30

Long to be cherished $30

Be a LIGHT $30

Brave Love $30


Loveliness and Laughter $30

Love is still the greatest possession $30

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Brave $30


If you are interested in buying one of these paintings, email me at and specify which one. Then you can go to MY WEBSITE to conveniently pay online with PayPal

a few more paintings coming soon! (you can see some of them in the first picture)