Saturday, February 20, 2010


Commission Painting

I recently painted this "portrait" for lack of a better word for my sweet friends, Drew and Lori, of their adorable little girl, Daisy. I babysat for them some when I lived in Nashville...
They took this photo of her when they were at the beach and they wanted it painted BIG but not hyper-realistic and wanted it to have mixed media and my style in it, so that made it really fun for me. This was 42" X 45"

my favorite part, her sweet little dress, I found some cool lace that worked perfectly in my collage box and put it on the bottom...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Beeswax Girly Painting!!

somehow I accidently didn't upload this photo with the rest, I overlooked it...
this is SUCH a funny photo my granddad took of someone diving... haha...

Laugh. Explore. Love. $15

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VALENTINES GIFTS Beeswax Collages $15-$20

I had SO much fun making these girly little collages for Valentines Day!
I used some of my family photos and my favorite collage pieces and a technique I have been experimenting with and LOVING- Beeswax collages

all of the works are on Wood ready to hang
with either a notch in the back or a hook on the top
They are around 5" X 7" or 6" X 8" in size

Loveliness and Laughter $15 SOLD!!

Embrace $15 SOLD

Love $15 SOLD

Loveliness and Laughter $15 SOLD

Queen for a Day $20

Live and Laugh Loud $20 SOLD
(this is a hilarious photo my Granddad took a long time ago of a woman who won a pie eating contest at what looks like a fair, so fun! I've been saving it for so long waiting to use it)

Grace $25 SOLD

Adore $20

Whatever is Lovely $20

if you are interested, please email me at and I will bill you through PayPal for the $15 or $20 (plus $4 for shipping if you order soon)