Friday, August 27, 2010

more spills and coverings

another piece for the series of 3- this one is titled "clinging"

this piece is now in what i call the "hate phase" today i took it off the wall and turned it backwards so i didnt have to look at it for at least a day!


a morning study
I have been making these small study pieces in the morning to get going in the studio...not sure what I will do with them yet, but that is the point of just making whatever first thing- not thinking about what it will turn out to be...

showering down

another studio shot


rushing over

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

new works: Spills and Coverings

I have been a madwoman working on pieces in this new series, it has taken over our tiny apartment and thread and paper bits and anything else that was contained nicely in the cute studio is ALL over the floor everywhere! new series:

Spills and Coverings

Although I am excited about all of my new ideas and how the pieces are turning out, as an artist transitioning into a new series comes with new problems and days and days of feeling stuck because I cant figure out the solutions. How to frame pieces on thread, would people buy a painting with a big hole in it, how to sew on canvas but still work on a wood panel... etc..

here are a few of the new pieces...

Holding It Together
where you can see the shadows, the wood panel is actually cut and the thread suspends over the cut out...

I have been enjoying doing some studies on paper and sewing on bristol or watercolor paper, tearing, attaching, etc... this piece is actually in a show at The Renaissance Center in Dixon, TN opening in October! I have to ship it tomorrow... it is called "Knots Unraveling"

and here it is framed in a shadowbox...
not only do i need a new camera, but... I need some new photography skills for this series- do i photograph them in the shadowboxes or not? the shadows are important so I need very specific light, which obviously doens't work with the glass in the frame... still figuring it out :)

one of the coverings in the series... still trying to solve whether or not i want to have pieces that are simply fabric and embroidery, no painting at all... hmm...

I want to display it hanging on a clothesline- it is called "her tattered covering"
inspired by the story of Gomer, the prostitute in Hosea... I love stories about prostitutes, I don't know why, maybe God is weaving that love in my life with a purpose I do not know yet... my mother in law gave me all this vintage lace that was HER grandmothers, awesome! So this piece is about her covering herself with lingerie for so long, it being a little old and tattered, her piecing it together and it not really being a covering anymore because it is transparent and tattered...

another piece inspired by the same woman, in Francine Rivers book Redeeming Love she paints this beautiful picture of Gomer scrubbing herself in the river to try to get rid of her past, she is in this spiritual place that is all her own, scrubbing, angry, embarrassed, trying SO hard... and I have several pieces going with this story in mind- here is one:


The murky, textured reality underneath disappears as the brush strokes coat the piece in white. The painting has been scraped, but the past beneath could not be covered completely without a fresh whitewash. Everyone has a story, and the Word is full of people’s lives being washed clean by the Father. Hosea’s wife, Gomer, returned to her unfaithful past again and again, she could not shake her past alone. The Lord shows us through Hosea’s life how He loves us with a redeeming love and only He can wash the past away. The prodigal son made a mess of his life and could not scrub it clean, so he returns home. The father in this passage is a beautiful metaphor of open arms, enveloping the prodigal son and covering him with love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

"By A Thread"

Broken Pieces Falling

a triptych piece inspired by Rahab, another prostitute in the Bible, about her throwing idols out of her window and them crashing on the wall of Jericho and smashing to pieces in the dirt on the ground.... I LOVE this thought, this beautiful picture of broken idols spilling and breaking on the way down...

a few pictures of the process:
sewing on Solvey (which is basically plastic) you use the embroidery hoop to hold it tight so it wont rip... if your like me you have to take the foot off of the machine every time you put the hoop in and out, whew...this process is lovely but I have broken like 7 needles, literally SNAPPED in half or bent (somehow?..rammed it into the embroidery hoop woops...)

you place it in warm water and the plastic disappears, you rub the plastic off (it feels sticky and it will dry very stiff if you do not get all of the solvey out... here is mine after the water... the pieces almost always FALL APART on me. which actually goes conceptually with what I am doing- which is great! it wouldnt fall apart so badly if I wasnt trying to make these long lines and delicate shapes and fragile areas that look like they will break or tug, etc...

this piece is a small shadowbox piece in a series of three
the titles will be : tugging, clinging, falling apart

this one is tugging
not a final photo, I am figuring out how to keep the fabric away from the background by pinning it down so it has a shadow like the panel pieces...

I found the shadowboxes at Michaels and they have been 40% off all summer and on top of that I go and buy them on the days when you get 15% or 25% off the entire order on top of sale items- so...YAY... but I want to figure out how to build frames myself, that way I can use a raw lighter wood, and especially for large pieces, they don't build premade shadowboxes the size I need..

this piece has been my enemy lately, I have tried using an old trick a professor taught me in art school , do something DRASTIC and then come back the next day to solve it. it looks drastically different now because of how many times I have done that... I like the idea of doing a couple of pieces that have hands or something figurative, but I am still wrapping my mind around how I want to do this... this piece is called "Carry: Let go" about the Samaritan woman carrying the heavy burden of the water in the heat of the day, and then dropping the water jug/pot when she learns of the Lords living water and the water spilling and soaking into the ground by the well...

I literally accidently spilled things on this painting twice already, so thats kind of ironic and interesting. Once this week I turned and knocked a painting I was working on off the table - it fell and so did the jar of ink next to it... i didnt even try to clean it off the rug. haha... i turned around to get a paper towel and picked up my water cup to dip it in water... and when i picked up the water, i didnt realize the drawers were all open and the balance was off... the shelf/drawer piece came tumbling down and all my paint spilled out on top of the two paintings with ink splattered on them. excited i may have a larger studio soon... much needed!

a close up of a piece in progress. its now finished, ill post the rest of the new pieces soon.. I think I may use it for my new business card background...

this piece I attached to another painting, but when I look at the photos I want to make pieces that are like this on their own... more soon!